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Fomma (Foundation of Museum of Modern Art)

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Journeys of the Spirit : Pakistan Art in the New Millennium

Journeys of the Spirit: Pakistan Art in the New Millennium
Published by Foundation for Museum of Modern Art (FOMMA), Karachi, in association with Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA)

A compilation of published art reviews, Journeys of the spirit chronicles the escalation and amplification of Pakistan art in the millennium years 2000-2005. The contents have been classified according to representative genres in order to bring some intelligible order into the wealth of names, periods and styles that constitute the diverse art environment of this country. Using insight into the psychology of art, the textual and visual material has been composed as a continuous weaving and changing of traditions in which each work refers to the past and points to the future.

The book tracks the radical course of New Age Art and the Contemporary Miniature from a coterie interest to that of mainstream art. This ascent is further complemented in the chapter on Art Education that spotlights emerging talent. The vigorous signatures of the established and senior penis enlargement fast gains artist category, the foundation of the art fraternity, are showcased in the chapters on Abstraction, Figurative Art, Culture and Calligraphy . The text on Mega Exhibitions charts the widening girth of the art exhibition scene and the sudden, and rapid on Art publications. Vividly illustrated chapters on Ceramics and Print makinng highlight current developments in the respective mediums.

Moving on a vertical incline Pakistan art has begun to assert its presence. This volume captures the spirit of the onward journey as it braces itself to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

About the Author

Salwat Ali is a practicing artist with a strong interest in the history and culture of Pakistan. She has been writing on art since the 1990s. Her articles, reviews, essays and monthly basis in the country’s leading newspapers and periodicals like dawn Gallery, an exclusive art supplement of dawn, as well as the Tapestery page of The News, and Artline, the special art pages of the magazine Newsline.

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