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Fomma (Foundation of Museum of Modern Art)

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Nagori Voice of Conscience

Nagori: Voice of Conscience

In painting or in his writing art, Nagori’s expression remains forceful and blunt. Any conversation with him on the subject of his work and life means being exposed to an encyclopedia range of knowledge on the world if art, the significance of protest art, the Indian and Muslaim heritage of art, combined with a brimming passionate alertness to historical ans present injustices. A Nagori puts it, “We are a nuclear power, but a greater tragedy is that starvation and famine has taken a heavy toll in Thar and dearth of water has ruined flora an fauna, endangering ecological order; besides there are guns, drugs and exploitation of women and children an apathy towards education and health. Can any breathing should remain unaffected, especially the mist sensitive of all segments of a society called perceptive artist?”

These social issues find resonance on his work. In one painting there will be reference to the Greek myth on the abduction of Europe and the allegory will allude to the present mistreatment of women in our country; another alphabet painting will reflect Orwell’s Animal Farm and the exploitation by ‘pigs’ of the many helpless animals of the land; yet another will have Hanuman rescuing the Babri Mosque while humans are busy in its destruction, or Saadi’s Gulistan, passing commentary on sycophancy and the exploitative political scenario.

This volume serves to shed light on Nagori’s struggle and his work as they are both in unison with one another.

About the Author

Amber Romasa Electronic Cigarette is a freelance writer. Based currently in Karachi, She has studied in Pakistan, the UK and Italy, and has to her credit a number of research papers. She writes regularly in newspapers and magazines and has given talks on various topics; latest being “aesthetic expressions as formulated by the terrain’ at Vesterheim Museum in the USA.

Comments on the Publication

“With a touch of Modigliani and a whiff from Ajanta caves, Nagori follows Al-Ghazali, who in contradistinction to the Greek’s perception of sensual beauty, hold that a sixth sense, a sort of super sense, is responsible for the appreciation of beauty. Every great painter, every artist and every lover of beauty possesses this sixth sense in the fullest degree which is the source not only of creation, but also of appreciation”.
-Syed Nayab Hussain

“Like a modern day Cassandra, Nagori points out political failings, economic disparity and social injustice meted out to silent majority”.
-Marjorie Hussain

“It is rather strange that a painter of such committed sensibilities should remain isolated simply because of his non-conformism or self-imposed censors, His contribution to art in the sub-continent stands out, as no other painter has made such consistent attempt to focus attention on socio-political ills in the country…. Paintings are not just an expression if agony but are very painterly … The exhibition is just a trend-setter and could be emulated by other socially committed painters as reflection on life could also be aesthetic and a creative expression.”
-Ali Imam

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