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Fomma (Foundation of Museum of Modern Art)

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The Foundation for Museum of Modern Art (FOMMA) is currently also putting together available documentation on the contemporary art scene in Pakistan as it has developed over the decades since the early years of the country in the 1940's.

FOMMA also plans to continue its series of art publications, teaming up with well known artists and writers to tell a compelling story about the art and artists of Pakistan. Through the publication of these volumes and future projects FOMMA hopes to not only document Pakistan's rich artistic history but also raise funds for its operations and for the Museum of Modern Art in Karachi (MOMAK).

Titles produced by FOMMA TRUST include:

Ali Imam: Man of the Arts by Marjorie Husain
Zubeida Agha: A Pioneer of Modern Art in Pakistan€ by Musarrat Hassan
Laila Shahzada: Exploring an Inner Landscape€ by Salwat Ali
Art Views: Encounters with Artists in Pakistan€ by Marjorie Husain
Nagori: Voice of Conscience€ by Amber Romasa
Lubna Agha€ Points of Reference€ by Marcella Nesom Sirhandi
Journeys of the Spirit: Pakistan Art in the New Millennium€ by Salwat Ali

More information on these and FOMMA TRUST's latest titles can be acquired from selecting any of the individual publications from the menu on the left.