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Fomma (Foundation of Museum of Modern Art)

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September 2008 Update

Change in the Date & Scope of the proposed Launch Event at IIC in New Delhi

In consultation with the Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA)in Islamabad, and the Lalit Kala Akademi (LKA) and the IndiaInternational Centre (IIC) in New Delhi, the Foundation for the Museumof Modern Art (FOMMA) in Karachi, is working on new dates – as well asextended scope – of the launch event that was planned for Novemberthis year at the IIC in New Delhi.

It will now be organized sometime around autumn/winter 2009, and inaddition to a large number of recent art publications produced inPakistan, it will bring to New Delhi more than 100 works ofcontemporary Pakistani artists.

Jointly curated by a team of Pakistani and Indian art critics, theexhibition will be accompanied by a specially prepared catalogueincluding full-colour reproductions as well as a number of essaysreviewing six decades and more of the modern art movement as it hasdeveloped since the early years of Pakistan's emergence as a sovereignindependent country in 1947. Also included in the catalogue will bedocumentrary material on the art scene in the areas of Pakistan in andbefore 1947.

Fomma Book Club Online Casino

Fomma itself is a not-for-profit private sector non-governmental institution (See details below). In 2003 it initiated a modest artpublishing programme, and has so far produced eight titles. These aredevoted to monographs introducing and critically evaluating the workof individual artists as well as collections of essays dealing withvarious aspects of contemporary visual arts. The titles are modestlypriced on a non-profit and self-paying basis so as to reach as wide areadership as possible, and are offered for sale through normal tradechannels. Over the years, Fomma has built a small - and steadilygrowing - core of friends and well-wishers. They have recentlyproposed the setting up of a FommaBook Club (FCB) whose members – individuals as well as institutional –would be offered special terms (i.e. a discount of 10-20 % onpre-publication orders for 1-5 copies).

On Fomma's part, all revenues from sales and any sponsorship fundingreceived, is ploughed back to sustain the publications programme andtake it forward. So far Fomma has been within Pakistan. It is nowproposed to introduce these publications to a wider readership,specially in South Asia and the Gulf region. A number of book launchevents are planned in selected 'art capitals' in various countries.