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Fomma (Foundation of Museum of Modern Art)

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The initial funding (1971-2001) for Fomma came from the Trustees themselves contributing app Rs.1,000,000. Since the re-activating of Fomma in 2002, the Trustees have made additional contributions / sponsorship funding to the tune of app Rs 2,000,000. They also felt the need for creating additional cadres to support the Foundation. These include "Patrons" with an initial contribution of Rs. 500,000, "Benefactors" contributing a minimum of Rs 100,000, "Contributing Friends" offering a minimum of Rs 10,000, and "Project/Event Sponsors", with no minimum amount stipulated.

Following is the list of those who have contributed (January 2002 onwards) in any of the mentioned capacities above:


Siddiqui Foundation
Rangoonwala Trust
Mr Aqeel Karim Dhedhi
Circuit - FCB
Fortune Group / Mr. S Muhammad Ali
Mr Aftab Tapal
Mrs Fatima Lakhani
Getz Pharma / Mr Khalid Mahmood
Pakistan Cables / Mr. Kamal Chinoy


Engro Vopak Terminal Ltd
Crescent Steel & Allied Products
Adamjee Foundation
Hellmann Worldwide Logistics / Mr. Asad Nihal
ABN Amro Bank
Habib Bank Ltd
Mr. Abdul Rashid
Mr. Imran Sheikh
Mr. Parvez Hussain
Mr. Munir Bhimjee
Messers Gestetner
Arfeen Group
Mr. Aftab Zaki
Mr. Aftab Adamjee
Mr. Basir Shamsie
AAA Ltd / Mr Adnan Asdar Cialis
Fazleesons / Mr Tariq Fazlee
Mr. S Anwar Jalal

Contributing Friends

Mrs. Tabinda Chinoy
Mr. A Kader Jaffer
Mr. S Anwer Jalal
Mr. Ahmed Kamran
Mr. Javed Hasan
Mr. Umar Latif
Mr. Sajid Siddiqui
Mr. Salman A Shareef
Mrs. Ameena Saiyid
Mr. Mustafa Kamal
Mr. Orooj Ahmed Ali
Mr. Farhad Aspy Fatakia
Ms. Quint-Rose

Sponsors of Events & Projects

Third Text / Black Umbrella
IGI Insurance
Mr. Munir Bhimjee
Mrs. Durdana Soomro
MNH Technologies / Mian Shaukat Husain
Fashion Collections / Mr. Tauqir Muhajir
Mr. Shahid Abdullah
Mr. Denvir Pazarci
FNHM Architecture
Oxford University Press

Honorary Executives

Honorary Secretary & DG: Mr Jalal Uddin Ahmed
Honorary Joint Secretary & Director Audio-Visual Media: Mr Farhad A Fatakia
Honorary Director, Administrative Affairs: Lt-Col(retd) Khalid Mumtaz
Honorary Director, Fomma-DHA Art Centre: Mrs Nighat Mir
Honorary Director, Art History Project: Mrs Niilofur Farrukh
Honorary Director, Visual Arts Database: Ms Zubeida Mustafa

Honorary Rep in New York: Ms Anushka Lakhani
Honorary Rep in Chicago: Mr Zafar A Malik
Honorary Rep in London: Mr Shomyl A Brohi
Honorary Rep in Dubai: Mr Sajjad Haider
Honorary Rep in Islamabad: Mr Ashraf Hayat
Honorary Rep in Lahore: Mr S Anwer Jalal