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Fomma (Foundation of Museum of Modern Art)

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Board of Trustees

FOMMA Trust is administrated by a Board of Trustees, the following names are the updated list of Trustees as of September 2010:

Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Lakhani, Chairman
Dr. A Mirza Jamil
Mr. EjazĀ Ahed
Mr. Anwar Rammal
Mr. Imran Mir Azam Ali
Mrs. Abida Hamid
Mr. Iqbal Rashid Siddiqui
Mr. Mumtaz Hasan Khan
Mr. Aftab Tapal
Mrs. Tehmina Habibullah Khan
Mrs. Azra J Ahmed
Mrs. Manizeh Sheikh
Ms. Najma HussainĀ 
Mr. Jalal Uddin Ahmed, Honorary Secretary & DG
Mr. Farhad Aspy Fatakia, Honorary Secretary