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Fomma (Foundation of Museum of Modern Art)

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Home News & Events Latest FOMMA Gains Exclusive Access to "Arts In The Islamic World (AIW)" Archives

FOMMA Gains Exclusive Access to "Arts In The Islamic World (AIW)" Archives

The half yearly journal "Arts & The Islamic World (AIW)" was published from London for 18 years (1983-2001), and was a leading periodical focused on the arts scene in the Arab and Islamic countries and communities worldwide. During this period, 36 volumes were produced by an honorary editorial board headed by the late Mr. Muazzam Ali, and comprising Mr. Jalal Uddin Ahmed as Executive Editor, Mrs. Azra J Ahmed as Coordinating Editor, and a number of correspondents and contributing editors from various Eastern and Western countries. The design, research, production and marketing team comprised Mr. Zafar A Malik as Art Director, Mr M Risaluddin as Development Advisor, Mr. James Parry as Director Planning & Research, Mr Ashraf Kazi as Marketing Director, and Ms Camilla Edwards as Research Associate. Back issues of the journal have not been available for several years. Now at the suggestion of a number of Islamic art scholars and institutions, the journal's surviving Editors, Mr and Mrs J U Ahmed, have agreed that a digitized version of all 36 volumes may be produced and distributed on a non-profit basis by the Foundation for Museum of Modern Art (FOMMA), Karachi.

FOMMA itself being a non-profit educational and cultural entity in the private sector - aimed at promoting the study and critical appreciation of contemporary visual arts - its Trustees are happy to announce that a digitized DVD version of AIW back files is being put together from a printed set of the original published volumes of the journal. A limited number of sets will be offered to the arts community internationally at a minimum cost. Any revenues generated will be entirely devoted to develop FOMMA's plan for setting up a Museum of Modern Art and an Art Library, for which space has been allocated to FOMMA in the proposed Museums Complex at the upcoming Race Course Garden (RCG) Project in Karachi.

For further details, including sponsorship possibilities/opportunities, please contact Ms Shumaisa Rehman, Director of Production & Development, Foundation for Museum of Modern Art (FOMMA), MacNeil Road, Near RCG Project Office, Karachi - Phone (021) 3565 3698; Fax (021) 3568 4712; Cell O303 290 0478; E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it